The Philadelphia Writers’ Conference Board of Directors is proud to offer a number of discounts and scholarships to conferees each year. Our scholarship programs allow us to open doors to folks who maybe couldn’t attend because of financial reasons, and gives thanks to writers groups and  other folks who support the Philadelphia area writers’ community. This year, we offer four types of scholarships:

Student Scholarships

The PWC board knows that tomorrow’s excellent authors and poets are being forged in the crucibles of college today, and we very much want that energy and enthusiasm for the craft and that desire to learn more to be part of the conference every year.  To that end, we provide a discounted flat rate of $175 to any student attending a local, accredited college or university.  Conferees can get their discounted rate in three easy steps:

  1. On the “personal information” page (just after you enter the registration site), you’ll see a field called “Student Designation.”  Enter the word “STUDENT”
  2. On the next page, you’ll be prompted to name your school and to upload proof of your student status.  This proof can include a valid, active student ID, a term bill, or a copy of your registration.
  3. Your discounted rate will automatically be applied.  You’ll see this on the payment page after you complete your registration.

Writers Club and Senior Center Scholarships

The PWC board knows the lifeblood of the vibrant Philadelphia Writers’ Communities are the dozens of Writers Clubs and senior centers that provide support (both technical and emotional!) and inspiration, and we like to honor that. To that end, we offer every writers’ group or senior center one 50% scholarship that they can give to one of their members.  How you determine who from your group gets the scholarship is up to you, but some ideas we’ve seen other clubs do includes holding a writing contest, giving it to the member who most gave back the preceding year, or simply a random drawing.

To secure a scholarship for your organization, visit our submittable site and apply. Our scholarship chair will review your information and provide a scholarship code that can be used for the discount.  Give us about a 7-10 days to respond.  You can also upload a census of your club members which will get them on our mailing list and ensure they get an invitation to PWC events in the future.

Memorial Scholarships

We offer three Memorial Scholarships, in honor of three of the founders of the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference. The Florence Kerigan, Mabel Love, and Walter Breish Memorial Scholarships are open to any potential conferee to apply. Scholarships are offered based on support you provide the writers’ community and/or financial need.

A PWC Memorial Scholarship includes the basic tuition to the conference, workshops daily for the full three days, the afternoon features, and the evening raps. Scholarship recipients also have the privilege of submitting manuscripts for the contests and critiques. Not included are the costs of the Friday buffet, Saturday banquet, master classes, or social media boot camp, as these are optional.

To apply for a Memorial Scholarship, visit our Submittable site by clicking HERE. You may include a resume/CV and a letter of recommendation as part of the submission process. Applications must be received by April 1 of the conference year.

If you have received a PWC Memorial Scholarship in the previous three years, you are not eligible to apply.

For more information about scholarships, visit our registration website or email the scholarship chair at  So get out there and apply.  We’re looking forward to seeing you in June!