Like a phoenix emerging from the ash, one of the bright spots of this dumpster-fire of a year has been the emergence of a number of new literary magazines.

Here are some new kids on the block that you might not know about yet!

In Philadelphia, we’ve got Paper Dragon, the online literary journal of the MFA program at Drexel University. Their debut issue on Recovery & Resilience came out on November 20.

We’ve also got The Shoutflower, a beautiful new print publication that just released their first issue.

Also from Philly, Delicate Friend is “a place for sexual or intimate literature and art that you enjoyed creating” with their first issue coming out in December.

There are some great new publications with an emphasis on mental health. We’ve got Eclipse Lit, focusing on writing that will “begin and foster a community for people facing trauma and dealing with mental illness.” Serotonin also publishes poetry and prose on mental illness and suicide prevention.

Just because Philly is THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE™ doesn’t mean there aren’t great lit mags starting up elsewhere! There’s Dwelling Lit, a new magazine with a focus on place.

If the “place” you like to focus on is Twin Peaks, then head on over to Twin Pies Literary for a damn fine cup of coffee and slice of pie.

If you love Hobart and instant gratification, then try their new offshoot HAD, which offers pop-up submission windows and “an affinity for that minimalist look and feel of early online journals.”

Other offshoots include Height Chart, the new little sibling of Middle House Review, making a ruckus as only the baby of the family can.

Dream Journal is the new “side hustle” of Daily Drunk Mag. Now you, too, can say you got a piece in your dream journal!

Wondrous Real Mag is another dreamy pub, focusing on magical realism to “bring magic and mystery into a contemporary social relevance.”

Fractured Lit is a new flash fiction magazine dedicated to “the future of flash” and publishes stories in two sizes: small and smaller.

Hearth & Coffin is looking for “provocative, exploratory, and accessible works that thrill and open the minds of readers” for their inaugural issue.

Autofocus is a new home for “artful autobiographical writing” with two issues under their belt. They’re looking for personal essay/memoir or “anything that makes art from your life.”

trash mag is a magazine for artists, musicians, skateboarders, farmers + the rest of you.

Rejection Letters started out publishing fictional rejection letters and has now expanded to rejection in all its forms.

Authylem Lit Mag is a new midwest based literary magazine founded by a teen with “with the idea of showcasing the honest truth in mind.” Other new magazines with teens taking charge include The Augment Review, Gossamer Lit, Interstellar Literary Review and The Global Youth Review.

Internationally, we’ve got Tether’s End Magazine looking for “writing that moves us… with an emphasis on short fiction.” The Indian Feminist Review is forthcoming, with their first issue theme of “Unchained.”

What will 2021 bring? Will YOU be the one to start a new mag to add to the list? Only time will tell!