Our master classes are designed to be smaller, more intensive instruction for more advanced writers in their genres. Class size limited to 15 students.

Join us online on June 12 & 13!




Destiny Birdsong, Poetry

Destiny O. Birdsong is a Louisiana-born poet, fiction writer, and essayist whose work has either appeared or is forthcoming in The Paris Review, Boston Review, Catapult, African American Review, and elsewhere. Her debut poetry collection, Negotiations, was published by Tin House Books in October 2020, and her debut novel, Nobody’s Magic, is forthcoming from Grand Central in 2022. She earned both her MFA and PhD from Vanderbilt University.

Workshop: “Love in the Time of…Disaster?”
While we are certainly living in particularly perilous times, love has always had to coexist with crises. This workshop is about poetry’s power to explore ‘love and___’, including concepts like race (and racism), violence, misogynoir, illness, and, of course, resilience and joy. We will discuss key poems and their craft, and compose work of our own to share.


Josiah Bancroft, Fiction

Before settling down to write the Books of Babel, Josiah Bancroft was a poet, college instructor, rock musician, and aspiring comic book artist. When he is not writing, he enjoys recording the Crit Faced podcast with his authorial friends, drawing the world of the Tower, and cooking dinner without a recipe. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Sharon, their daughter Maddie, and their two rabbits, Mabel and Chaplin.

Workshop: The Real Foundations of Unreal Worlds: A Discussion of World Building
This session will focus on techniques for creating unique landscapes in fiction, tips for avoiding world-building bloat, and ways to develop and refine your expanding universe. We will review practical exercises for investigating the corners of our created worlds through the lenses of character, theme, and history. The class welcomes those at the very beginning of their world building process as well as writers with extensive experience designing and populating alternate realities.


Bettina Makalintal, Nonfiction

Bettina Makalintal is a food and culture writer based in Brooklyn. She is currently a staff writer at Vice’s Munchies, where she covers food trends, internet niches, and consumption more broadly.

Workshop: Turning Your Niche Interest Into a Writing Practice
Whether you’d like to write a singular piece about a personal obsession (an Instagram trend, a hobby, food—whatever it is you can’t stop thinking about) or shift your writing toward a specific niche, there’s value in carving out a lane in the writing world. In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to turn your “thing” into an essay or article—from conceptualizing an angle to figuring out how to write the piece—and from there, how to build a more focused writing practice.