The final three-day PWC workshop focusing on fiction will be “YOUR NOVEL – Plotting The Road Map from Chapter 1 until The End.” These seminars will focus on developing the sequence of cause and effect that unite a story (The Plot) and integrate the desired emotions and theme of the book, whether suspense, romance, comedy, tragedy, etc.

Adrian believes, “The goal of the writer is to keep readers interested in continuing the journey on which they have been invited. So writers must carve that road, beginning to end, wielding their machetes, enduring the trek, all the while scribbling and noting every pain, tear, and laughter.” The first day will focus on the vocabulary of the novel. The others will focus on conflict development, premise-driven, character-driven and plot-driven. narratives.

Adrian Erik McCray is the author of Dogs of Brazil and Distant Whispers, among other novels. His stories set the universality of romance and relationships against the ever changing kaleidoscope of a shrinking world and the cultural maze of identity and race. Beside his extensive travels, he has lived abroad for the last 15 years and used that experience to enrich the cultural tapestry of his stories, whether in the streets of Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean, Berlin, or the South Carolina Gullahs. Adrian currently divides his time between Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, and Cali, Colombia where he is organizing an online magazine to give visibility to Colombian writers historically excluded from the world of literature. Connect with him on Facebook.

“Plotting Your Novel” is suitable for beginner and intermediate writers.

The 70th Annual Philadelphia Writers’ Conference will be held June 8-10, 2018, at the Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District. Visit this page for more information, including speaker information and a general schedule of events.