Brian Fanelli’s most recent book of poems is Waiting for the Dead to Speak (NYQ Books), winner of the 2017 Devil’s Kitchen Poetry Prize. He is also the author of the collection All That Remains (Unbound Content) and the chapbook Front Man (Big Table Publishing).
This three-day workshop will ask students to go “Into the Cave” and mine personal memories to produce new drafts of poems. The writing produced will focus on the personal or the “I.” Time will also be spent studying the work of contemporary narrative and confessional poets. The workshop will feature in-class writing prompts, feedback, and some lecture.

His poetry has been featured on Verse Daily and “The Writer’s Almanac,” and his writing has been published by The Los Angeles Times, World Literature Today, The Paterson Literary Review, [PANK], Main Street Rag, and elsewhere. He has an M.F.A. from Wilkes University and a Ph.D. from SUNY Binghamton University. He teaches at Lackawanna College.

Fanelli classifies this course as “Intermediate.” The PWC defines an Intermediate poet as one who has studied the craft of writing poetry, and has written and revised several poems. The poet should grasp the concepts and impact of using imagery and metaphor in poetry, and have experimented with lineation and meter.

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