Dear Conferees, Instructors, Writers, and Friends:

With fall nearly wrapped and the holidays fast approaching, the 2018 Philadelphia Writers’ Conference is locked in, and we are on a roll as well! Most of our workshops and leaders have finalized, and we’re working hard to put the finishing touches and schedule in place in time to open registration in early February. While we do that,  I just wanted to share some of the exciting changes we’re working on for our 70th annual conference.

First, of course, is this website.  We’ve changed the overall design for the first time in over a decade, and we hope you’ll find this newer format cleaner, easier to read, and inspiring. Along with that, we’ve updated our logo. You may have seen the new version floating around our social media pages, and we feel the combination of old and new in this design embodies exactly what we’re trying to do with the conference. Keep on your toes, as more minor changes are coming that will enhance your conferee experience!

Maybe the biggest change is a cultural one. We want to find ways to be more for the Philadelphia area writing community, to attend more events, and to find more ways to connect and share knowledge with our supporters and conferees. To that end, we set up our first table at the Collingswood Book Festival in October and we’ll be working to increase our presence, to do more outreach, and be more visible all around the area. The Philadelphia writing community is an incredibly vast network, and we feel our place is right in the center of it, helping people make connections and achieve their dreams of living the “write” life. If you’d like to help us spread the word about the conference you know and love, please drop us a line on the Contact Us page.

And finally…fundraising. For nearly 70 years we’ve relied solely on our tuition and the generosity of our workshop leaders and speakers to bring a conference that is open and affordable. In 2017, we received our first sponsorship, as the wonderful folks at the Rosemont College MFA program sponsored our Keynote Happy Hour. After balancing the books this year, we realized that to continue to bring a quality and affordable product into Old City Philadelphia every spring, we’d need to get creative. And we did. We will be actively pursuing corporate, state, and school sponsors throughout the year.  If you are interested in providing a sponsorship for the conference, reach out to me at

For folks who’d like to help but don’t have a corporate checkbook, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign.  Check out our Fundly site to find out how you can be involved in helping us be more.  We’ll use these funds to help make the conference better for the 2018 conference and beyond.

The 2018 conference will be our seventieth (we’re the longest running, open registration writing conference in the nation!), and with that we hope to spend the next eight months celebrating both the old and the new.  And we look forward to sharing in the journey with you.

See you in June!