Long time PWC board member and treasurer Joe O’Loughlin has been in this business for a loooooong time, and he was kind enough to share some of his moments of inspiration and things that have driven him.  Read more after the break!


Writing has opened up a whole new world for me this pas quarter of a century. Here I was an accountant yet I always had a desire to express myself ever since I took Creative Writing at St. Joe’s (where I was an accounting major). I am good with finance and accounting and have been blessed to have a succesful career in that realm. However, the yearning to write still seared within me, deep in my soul.

While many friends told me that they enjoyed my poems, inspirational narratives and various vignettes I never had the courage to send my stuff out to publishers, newspapers, that is the outside world to either be embraced…or rejected! Yes, I felt it was better to wonder ‘What might have been?’ than actually confirm whether I was, in any way, commercial viable and critically accepted.

I submitted and submitted. The rejections came. On Friday, April 6, 1990 I said to my wife, “That’s it. From this weekend on I am going to stop wasting my spare time slaving away at my writing and getting rejected. If I write it will just be for fun.”

TRUE STORY! That VERY AFTERNOON a local publisher decided rather than mail me my check and the publication in which MY ARTICLE was to appear he had his wife drop the check and article off at my house since we did not live far away from them. So on the very day I was ready to quit I received a concrete sign–KEEP GOING!

That first publication has led me to pursue, concurrent with my finance\accounting career, a very satisfying writing career. The best way I can put it while some folks like to golf or say garden on weekends I write. Writing has led me to meet some great people ranging from athletes to successful business people to wonderfully, deeply spiritual individuals. I have been humbled and honored to meet such a diverse array of fascinating folks.

The best story I can tell you is that writing led me to being requested by the family of the late Harry Kalas to give one of the eulogies at his service at Citizens Bank Park in 2009. I had met Harry through my sports writing and had developed a correspondence with him through the years. When he suddenly passed away in April 2009 his widow that very night went to his desk (where unbeknownst to me) Harry had kept every one of my letters I had written to him along with my contact information. Eileen Kalas told me “Harry LOVED your writing. I know that he would want you to represent the fans of Philadelphia to pay tribute to him!”

So that is how I wound up in front of thousands of people on that April Saturday to express the fans’ appreciation to this local icon and legend.

My point: NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR WRITING! While the rewards may not always be great monetarily you will be enriched in so many ways. Trust me. I know that. for I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have been given this gift.