Just in time for the holiday, long time board member Joe O’Loughlin shares what inspires him!


For me L.I.F.E. can stand for:





The power of unconditional love is something that pretty much every major prophet has espoused. This philosophy can be a bedrock upon which you can build a force of creative expression.

Love, the abundant treasure of sanctity and grace that resides in the unique vessel you are, is to be poured forth upon others. You do not have to drown others with a cascading waterfall of emotion or support. You will most likely find that it is akin to a garden water bucket with its spout containing dozens of tiny holes from which a gentle shower of water is emitted to softly and gradually nurture and hydrate plants and flowers. The process is not done once and then finished. It is performed incrementally, usually a few times a week. Equally important, you must follow the proper way to water the plants and flowers. Fundamentals must be adhered to. Thus, Incremental and Fundamental.

Finally, as opposed to your personal garden, you are called upon to shower Everyone who comes across your path with these refreshing waters with which you are endowed. Your vocation is to be a nurturer. By doing this you may help transform what appears to your finite human eyes, a potential weed into a full-fledged and flowering plant.