Fran2014Fran Wilde is a living, breathing dichotomy.  Proof that for some folks, that whole “left-brain, right-brain” thing just doesn’t apply, because they’re “whole-brain.”  A technician and a poet, creator of short stories and digital designs, Fran will be leading the Short Story workshop at this year’s conference.  Fellow “whole-brainer” and PWC board member Greg Frost caught up with Fran to discuss the conference, her work, and what she looks forward to.  Find out what she has to say after the break.

> How important are conferences and conventions to a writer?

For me, conferences offer conversation, both on specific topics in formal settings, and among peers in informal settings. I think both types of conversation are vitally important. Otherwise, it’s me, and all these words, and things start getting very squirrelly pretty quick.


> Do you feel the process of writing short genre fiction varies significantly from writing non-genre work?

Yes and no? (Great answer, right?) I think the intensity of research is the same, but some of the directions the research takes can be extremely … unusual. I learn a lot when I’m writing a genre story, most importantly, I learn what I need to know in order to get beyond current technology and, hopefully, current ways of thinking.


> How do you balance your writing time with the rest of your life’s responsibilities?

hahahahaha. What?


> Would you describe briefly your own writing process?

I brainstorm a lot, and write down snippets. Sometimes those snippets grow very fast, or I know where I want to go immediately. Sometimes an idea percolates for years. I eat a lot of popcorn.


> You started out writing short fiction, but now have a novel coming out (Updraft, Tor). Any advice for budding novelists?

Finish. Your. Book.

Seriously. Finish that book before you start the next one. No, THAT book. I see you over there, looking at the shiny stories you could be writing. You get to do those later. Finish this one. Then start again.

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