ChrisBursk This year’s Poetry Master Class leader is Christopher Bursk, the multiple-awarding winning author of eleven books, including “The Improbable Swervings of Atoms” which won the prestigious Donald Hall prize in poetry from the Association of Writers & Writer Programs.  Christopher’s class will be called “Poetry: The Play of the Mind” and will be “an interactive exploration of the power of poetry to confront the difficult…”

PWC President and fellow poet, Eileen D’Angelo caught up with Christopher and asked him his thoughts on conferences, life balance, and our ever expanding digital world.  Read what he has to say after the break.

Christopher Bursk:

Writing conferences give so many of us working in isolation a chance to gather in solidarity and support; our words get lonely, trapped as they are on the page, and they long for company.

I look forward to the 2015 Philadelphia Writers Conference because it gives me the opportunity to work with poets I haven’t had the privilege of meeting yet. Such occasions also challenge us to look at our work in a new way and to encourage others to do the same.

It is not easy balancing our writing lives with the rest of our responsibilities. Here is where conferences such as PWC are a useful reminder that we owe it to the words we create to set aside time just for them. Usually they’ll reward us for doing so. But not always.

That’s why writing conferences are helpful too. It’s easy to get discouraged as a writer; especially in this digital age where it’s so easy for our words to get lost.

Above all, an event such as the 2015 Philadelphia Writers Conference is a call to all of us to keep faith.

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