Continuing this year’s theme of “doing things a little bit differently,” our keynote dinner will not feature a traditional speech.  Instead, our feature presenter Mark Bowden will be interviewed about his work, his inspiration, and what’s coming up next in his prolific career; and long-time Philadelphia Inquirer Arts Reporter John Timpane will be asking the questions.

John Timpane is the Books Editor, Theater Critic, and Arts Reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer. His work has appeared in Sequoia, The Fox Chase Review, Apiary, Painted Bride QuarterlyThe Philadelphia Review of Books, The Rathalla ReviewPer ContraVocabula Review, and elsewhere. Among his books are [with Nancy H. Packer] Writing Worth Reading (St. Martin, 1994); It Could Be Verse (Ten Speed Press); [With Maureen Watts] Poetry for Dummies (Hungry Minds, 2000); [with Roland Riesley] Usonia, N.Y.: Building a Community with Frank Lloyd Wright (Princeton Architectural Press, 2000); and a chapbook, Burning Bush (Judith Fitzgerald/Cranberry Tree, 2010). He is the spouse of Maria-Christina Keller. They live in New Jersey.

Registration for the 2018 Philadelphia Writers’ Conference is still open, so register today for a chance to attend the Keynote dinner and share in the conversation between John and Mark!