What to do?

According to Forbes.com, Philadelphia is the second best city in the country to visit. Clearly, someone appreciates us for more than our Rocky statue and famous cheesesteaks. Now that you’re here at the conference, let’s explore your recreation options and why we were ranked so highly by Forbes. For location and convenience purposes, we will stick to Old City.

Let’s follow our stomachs first. In Old City, there is a wide variety of restaurants to satisfy your appetite. Any cuisine you want, you can get. For lunch, you can grab a slice at any number of Italian pizzerias. In the mood for an Asian cuisine? Chinatown is a great region to explore a variety of tasty Chinese dishes. If you want a quick sandwich full of flavor, you can walk in any direction and discover a great deli. Finding good food will be as easy as walking down the street.

In case you haven’t heard, Old City is pretty historic! Ever heard of Independence Hall? Take a stroll on a nice day and see the most recognizable symbol in the city. Right over on Market Street is the Liberty Bell and the Constitution Center. Both are an amazing experience of American history. Speaking of history, for a multicultural experience there is the National Museum of Jewish American History and the African-American Museum, both within a few blocks of each other. Lastly, another historic venue you can explore is the newly opened Revolutionary War Museum, also within walking distance of the Wyndham. Just make sure you have a few hours to spare to soak in all of the history. These experiences may be better if you arrive early on a Thursday, or stay until Monday.

Maybe after all of the writing exercises and profound, authoristic conversations, you need to unwind with a little music. Downtown Philly has plenty of music spots for you to groove to if you need a night out on the town. Close by the Wyndham you have 2nd Story Brewing for good sounds and beer. Perhaps you like the Latin scene and could go for Cuba Libre (caution – rhythmic dancing may ensue). My favorite place is Chris’s Jazz Cafe. You might Uber there if you are not up for the 20 minute walk, but if it’s nice out, why not? It has outstanding musicians who perform every weekend and tasty food.

Lastly, what if you’re a movie buff? In the area, there are plenty of theaters. Independent films that will twist your mind with a great plot or unforgettable characters are less than five minutes from the Wyndham. The Ritz theaters can give you what you need from the big screen if movies are on your mind.

For the outdoorsy folks, there’s Penn’s Landing, Duck Tours, and bus tours to get your sun-soaking in. If you’re really adventurous, a ghost tour at night may be that unforgettable excursion that could spark the next great horror story concept.

As you can see, Old City has countless things to enjoy when you have some downtime at the conference. Whether you are a suburbanite, Jersey neighbor, or a true out-of-towner, you can absorb all Philly has to offer within walking distance of the Wyndham.