David GreenbergDavid Greenberg teaches screenwriting at the University of the Arts and Drexel University in Philadelphia. His short film “The True Meaning Of Cool” won an award from the American Film Institute. He has written or directed a number of other shorts including “Technical Support”, “Jumpcuts: An Art Film” and “Sugar Cookie” – which has screened at festivals in the U.S. and Europe. He is in currently post-production on “Stomping Ground,” his feature writing-directing debut.

David will be leading a 3-day workshop called “Writing the Short Film.”  He will look at the mechanics of writing the short film and discuss methods for creating provocative films that are geared towards the short form.


We asked David to discuss his views about the Writing Community, here is what he has to share:

PWC:   How has your personal writing community influenced and assisted you?

DG:       Networking and talking shop with other writers is really helpful to me. We share technical and creative ideas, review each others work and discuss current trends in our field but, most importantly, we commiserate. Writing can be a lonely, isolating activity and it is nice to sometimes get out and connect with other people who are doing the same thing and know what it’s like.


PWC:   Where do you draw your inspiration?

DG:       Every day life. I am a sponge, a spy, an armchair anthropologist, a sociologist, a psychologist. I have been called “a keen observer of the world.” Sometimes overhearing someone in a cafe can inspire me to write 200 pages.


PWC:   When did you first realize you were a writer?

DG:       When I was in fourth grade, there was a creative writing workshop at my school that was only open to fifth and sixth graders. A couple of teachers came up to me and said “We think you should be in this workshop” so I joined. I never really thought about writing before that, it was just something I did. It never occurred to me that I might actually be good at it.


PWC:   What are you most looking forward to at the 2014 Philadelphia Writers’ Conference

DG:       I’m teaching Writing The Short Film and I am looking forward to it because I love short films, I recognize them as a distinctive art form in their own right but I think I see too many bad ones. Hopefully, someone will hear something I say and it will help them to make a better film.

You can find out more about David at his website http://www.davidjgreenberg.com, friend him on Facebook or follow his regular musings on Twitter.