The 2015 PWC Contest Winners


 Fiction (Judge Nathaniel Popkin)

1st place:  Lanny Larcinese (Manufacturing Dystopia)

2nd place: David Bender (Thief of the Water)

3rd place: Jacqueline Nash (Playing Games)

Honorable Mention: Julie Ackerman (One June Morning)

Poetry (Judge Courtney K. Bambrick)

1st place:  Stephen Delia (By the Hour)

2nd place:  John Sozanski  (Cy’s Revenge)

3rd place:  Carol Clark (Decrescendo)

Honorable Mention:

Ali Vain (Little Dig),

Anne Tabor-Morris (Keep Off the Grass),

Frank McManus (Mocha to Latte)

Non-Fiction (Judge Harriet G. Fry)

1st place: Jim Kempner (The View from the Balcony)

2nd place: Ken Cottrill (Your Next Project: Defy DYI)

3rd place:  Elwood Corbin (SportsAmerica)

Words on the Wall Winners


1st place: Marsha Gilbert (Roger)

2nd place: Stephanie King (Mother Flying Alone with 7-Month old Baby)

3rd place: Beth Moulton (The Secret of a Savoir)


1st place:Patti O’Brien (Jesus Christ and Shabbat Shalom)

2nd place: Beth Moulton (You are Here)

3rd place: Nancy Kotkin (Baby Steps)


1st place: Fran Bolinder (Dementia)

2nd place: Dave Cooper (An Storm at Harper’s Ferry)

3rd place: Mike Cohen (He Recites hi Poem as if…)

All-Genre Prompt Contest

 1st place: Patti O’Brien (Selfie)

2nd place:  Donny Himelright (Picture It)