EdK PWC Board Member and Scholarship Chair Ed Krizek has a lot to tell you about all the scholarships available to conferees and how to go about getting them.  Find out more after the break!

First, we have three Memorial Scholarships: Florence Kerigan, Mabel Love, and Walter Breish. These scholarships offer the recipients full tuition to the conference, (excluding dinner events and Master Classes). To apply for a Memorial Scholarship, all you have to do is submit a brief explanation (not more than 500 words) to the scholarship committee via our Submittable form discussing why you want to attend the conference and why paying the tuition would be a hardship for you. The deadline for applying for a Memorial Scholarship is April 22, 2015. You can start by clicking here!

The PWC has scholarships for college students that cover 50% of the tuition for the conference (excluding dinner events and Master Classes). If you are a Department Head, Dean, or other faculty member of a College or University in the Greater Philadelphia area, you can nominate one student to represent your school with a 50% discount. The student or the school is responsible for any remaining costs. To nominate a student, simply visit our Submittable site and provide your school information and the name of your nominee. There is a limit of one student scholarship per college so it makes sense to apply early! All student scholarship requests must be made by June 1, 2015. You can submit by clicking here!

There are also scholarships for writers’ clubs. A writing club is defined as a group of seven of more people who meet regularly to discuss and share their writing. The club selects which member should receive the scholarship, which covers 50% of the tuition to the conference (excluding dinner events and Master Classes). The club or the individual is responsible for the 50% tuition not covered. All you need to do is submit the name of you club and the member who will receive the scholarship by June 1, 2015. You can submit here!

PWC does not ignore the needs of senior citizens either! We have senior center scholarships available to senior citizens. If you represent a bona fide senior center, you can select one of your members to receive a 50% tuition scholarship to the conference. The name of the recipient and the name of the senior center need to be submitted by June 1, 2015. Click here to submit!

Once we receive your scholarship request, a member of the scholarship committee will check the information about your school, writers’ group, or senior center and then email the scholarship recipient a code they can use at registration (Registration starts March 1, 2015). And Remember, discount pricing and contest and critique deadlines all happen on May 15th, and the student, writers’ club, and senior center scholarships are granted on a first come, first serve basis.  So get your request for a scholarship code right away.

You can find more detailed information on scholarships, plus contest information here.