Congratulations!  You finished your manuscript. You edited it more times than you want to remember, but your work isn’t over once you finish your writing.  It’s not even over over once you find an editor who agrees to release your book, because once your book is close to the release date, more work is needed. How will you let people know your book is available? Here are some easy suggestions:
1. Give out handouts or bookmarks; something to let potential readers know the title, the release date, what the book is about and where they can get a copy. Give these to family, friends, acquaintances and anybody who will accept one.
2. schedule book signings
3. meet with book clubs or groups of readers
4. offer to present workshops or meet with readers at libraries and private homes
It’s important that you brainstorm for ways to set your book apart from others on the bookshelves. There are a lot of books available. You want people to choose yours.