“All the arts are brothers; each one is a light to the others” – Voltaire

Susan-Photo-ColorThe Rhythm and Verse Salon is a literary, music and arts salon, a community, a gathering place where both featured guests and our participants share in a variety of voices, genres and styles of artistic expression.   The Rhythm and Verse Salon welcomes lovers of literature, music, theater, art and conversation.

We have built Rhythm and Verse in the tradition of renowned cultural salons of the 17th through 20th centuries, we gather together for inspiration and conversation. Our salon is designed as a convivial forum for sharing your – our guests’ artistic creations – even your embryonic expressions within an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. And, if our guests would like, think Paris, 1920’s . . . Gertrude Stein’s living room. Entrez-vous, after the break!

At the Rhythm and Verse Salon, our ideas flow freely and with great spirit.

It is a place where you can share your poems, short stories, dialogues, musical renderings, and other creations.  Each month, we dedicate time for a featured musician and literary or visual arts guest and for reflection and conversation about our artistic journeys and the genres we call home.

The vibrant history of Salons includes, Gertrude Stein’s living room in 1920s Paris, yet it dates backas early as the 7th century C.E. Attending a music salon in the 17th century Western Europe, you might well have found yourself in the presence of Johann Sebastian Bach and his sons; and in 18th century Paris – Mozart.

Moses Mendelssohn’s daughter, Dorothea, introduced Victor Hugo to the German reader through her salon.   Rahel Varnhagen, a German intellectual and Berlin Salonniere from 1820 through 1833 wrote this description of her Salon:

At our salon there is no parade of celebrities. People of various professions,
generations and classes simply assemble here. They are people who participate in intellectual and in literary life or who wish to do so. Art lovers.

In the 30’s and 40’s, the Hollywood artistic and elite would gather at SalkaViertel’s famous Salon where you would have been in the company of Thomas Mann, Arthur Rubenstein, Greta Garbo, and Charlie Chaplin, among others.  Click here for a short video about the Salon.

The Rhythm and Verse Salon was created by Susan H Robbins,and is co-hosted by Susan and  Joanne Leva. The Salon is sponsored by the Montgomery County Poet Laureate Program and the Daily Grind Café in Jenkintown, PA.

The Salon meets on the Third Thursday of Every Month from 7:00pm to 9:30pm at The Daily Grind Café in Jenkintown, PA.

On July 17th, the Salon  features musical artist: Joseph Rossetti, who is known for his passionate piano performances; and literary artist: Loretta Lombardi, who uses her knowledge of macrobiotics in her ‘romantic whole foods recipe book’ “I’m Hot, You’re Hot” where she combines nutrition, folklore, history, aphrodisiac quality and a sensual closing.

Our hope is that our Rhythm and Verse Salon will prove to be a light for all of our creative endeavors.

You can find Susan and Joanne on LinkedIn and Susan on Twitter @Sisterwriter