This article will show you how to write and publish your research paper. For research scholars doing Ph.D., it is compulsory to publish their research paper at international level academic journals. And several students who wish to apply for further studies in technical courses will discover that relevant published research papers help them during the admission process.

Here are the ways to get through it:

  1. The first action for publishing a technical paper is to find out your technical area of interest. Make sure you had carried out adequate studies on the basics of that topic.
  2. Read everything that will give you a different idea to focus on the topic.
  3. When you first start understanding your new field, ask your research partner what the most suitable journals and conference alerts events are are in your field, and ask for a list of key papers that you should read. This activity will give you a jump start.
  4. One of among the hard nuts to break is to understand the paper issued by others. The easiest way is to by, reading it several times.
  5. Write down theories, interesting problems, possible solutions, random ideas, references to look up, notes on papers you’ve read, outlines of papers to write, and interesting quotes.
  6. Now you can find important and open problems in your research field and you will be very much alert of what you are doing and what you must do.
  7. Please don’t pick very ambitious topics; instead, choose a realistic size problem. Collect the MATLAB files present on the Internet that are linked to your topic and simulate it for the claimed results.
  8. Usually, a paper has six sections and a maximum of four pages. They are
  • Abstract,
  • Introduction,
  • Existing techniques,
  • Your contribution,
  • Results and

As a part of your journal publication, you can start detailing the ‘existing techniques’ from the scrap journal you did during the studies. Here you must take out what all are the techniques present as a solution to the problem and the pros and cons of those.

Instead of writing a complete paper, you can focus on the goal of writing a section, or outline. Get a pre-review.
Now when your paper is complete, you can ask your professors to review your paper. Next is to find the correct place to publish it.

Select a famous publication house for your journal. Choosing the publication house can be a hard case. It’s always better than you ask your friends or Professor to guide you to best publication house for the article.

Your abstract is the first thing that any reader will read before going deep into your work. If he/she finds your abstract interesting, then only they will invest their time in reading your article. It is mandatory that you should have a cover letter which addressed to the Editor of your journal.

It gives you an opportunity that your work is worth reading. This is really, really, tough. Only a small proportion, 5 to 10%, are accepted in the beginning and usually, they are only accepted on the subject to revision.