As I mentioned in last week’s post, I didn’t have the opportunity to hear William Lashner’s opening remarks and could only offer passing commentary.  Luckily, fellow board member Ed Krizek was there for the whole thing.  Ed was kind enough to put together a great summary that I’d like to share.

Opening speaker Bill Lashner discussed the path that led him to become a writer and about his passion for writing. Using The story of Herman Melville’ s life and the writing of ” Moby Dick,” Lashner spoke of how great works can be misunderstood when introduced to the reading public, but emphasized that this fact does not make them less important or great. He cautioned the crowd to separate the “business” of writing from one’s actual writing;  urging everyone to do his/her best work regardless of commercial success. Lashner chose to be a writer because he loves writing. His message can be summed up as “write because you love it and always produce your best work”. Commercial success may or may not come but an author can find satisfaction and fulfillment in the act of writing nonetheless, and possibly produce a great piece of writing!

Thanks Ed for the great review.  And thanks again all for your support of the PWC.  Already looking ahead to 2015!