Since we’re not having a conference this year, we are providing an online series of forums, WRITE@HOME, to give writers something to do and somewhere to hang out while we’re all sheltering in place. While our instructors are all Philly (area) writers, these workshops are open to writers from ANYWHERE.

We know that right now is a tough time, so we’re offering these forums for $5 for out-of-work writers and $20 for writers who are still getting paid (honor system!) Take as many as you want for one fee! Sign up at

Mondays: Found Forms Poetry with Chad Frame

Found Forms: Writing Scavenged Poetry. This course invites poets and nonpoets alike to learn about and practice found poetry, the art of using someone else’s words from any source (other poems, fiction, news stories, song lyrics, ad copy, pop culture) to stitch into a sort of literary collage. We’ll learn techniques and craft, and about forms such as cento, blackout, erasure, Exquisite Corpse, group poems, and homophonic translations. No previous poetry experience is required. For our generative prompts, you’ll be encouraged to use the media of your choice to engage your interests. When poetry can come from anywhere, you’ll never have writer’s block again!

CHAD FRAME’s work appears in Rattle, Mom Egg Review, Barrelhouse, Rust+Moth, and other journals and anthologies, as well as on iTunes from the Library of Congress. He is the Director of the Montgomery County Poet Laureate Program and Poet Laureate Emeritus of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, the Poetry Editor of Ovunque Siamo: New Italian-American Writing, a founding member of the No River Twice poetry improv performance troupe, and founder of the Caesura Poetry Festival and Retreat. @chadryanframe

Tuesdays: Journaling with Kathleen Volk Miller

Gratitude Journaling. Science confirms that translating events into language can affect the brain. Writing can improve overall heart health, brain health and even help to heal physical wounds. Expressive writing reduces intrusive thoughts about negative events and improves working memory. Writing has even been found to reduce anxiety and depression, and to release endorphins. This online workshop series will introduce the science and practice of writing toward emotional well-being and psychological healing. Each session includes the introduction of a new healing-through-writing tool, writing time, reflection and at-home exercises to encourage the practice of journaling.

KATHLEEN VOLK MILLER is co-editor of Painted Bride Quarterly, director of the graduate program in Publishing, director of the Drexel Publishing Group, and a teaching professor at Drexel University. Volk Miller writes fiction and essays, with work in publications such as, the New York Times, Family Circle, and several literary magazines. @kathyvolkmiller

Wednesdays: Essays with Jeannine A. Cook

Essay as Activism. Participants will write creative nonfiction pieces through an activists lens. Inspired by essays from Sonia Sanchez, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Zora Neal Hurston, June Jordan, and Octavia Butler, participants will examine the essay as a tool for liberation and activism. Grounded in a community building framework, this class asks how we can use our words as tools for resistance and transformation.

JEANNINE A. COOK has worked for the last 10 years as a trusted writing consultant to several startups, corporations, non-profits, and influencers. In addition to a holding a master’s degree from The University of the Arts, Jeannine is also a Leeway Art & Transformation Grantee and a winner of the South Philly Review Difference Maker Award. She recently returned from Nairobi, Kenya facilitating social justice creative writing with youth from 15 countries around the world and recently opened Harriett’s Bookshop in Fishtown. @jeannineacook

Thursdays: News Reporting with Damon Williams

News Reporting from Idea to Article. This class will walk through the methodology of transforming an idea into a newsworthy article. Through my own professional experiences, I have had to literally think up ideas for various articles, be it crime, politics or neighborhood issues. After the news-gathering process is complete (which includes angles, identifying whom to talk to and what data to use and quote), I will then take the class through a self-editing exercise – an important step that lessens the burden on editors and make the writer/reporter that much more engaged in their own works.

DAMON WILLIAMS has 20+ years of award-winning journalism experience and prior experience leading writing workshops. He is the author of two self-published books. @DCW

Fridays: Flash Fiction with Stephanie King

In a Flash: Writing Flash Fiction. When your words don’t have room to run, how can you create meaning fast? This class will examine these shortest of short stories (100-1000 words) and each session will focus on a different craft aspect with a flash emphasis. Like every story, flash fiction still needs to capture the reader’s interest and create emotional resonance through plot, characters, theme, and form, so here we’ll work on using these elements to do more with less.

STEPHANIE KING is a past winner of the Quarterly West Novella Prize and the Lilith Short Fiction Prize. Her stories have also appeared in Loch Raven Review, Entropy, Every Day Fiction, and Lumen, while her education writing has appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Penn Capital-Star, and The Typescript. She received her MFA from Bennington and serves as a reader for Fractured Lit. @stephstephking


All forums will be held on Zoom, with the link(s) sent out after signup. We look forward to seeing you there!